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    Philips Digital Wireless Headphones SHD8850



      SKU: SHD8850


      Enjoy superior cinematic sound when watching movies or listening to your favourite tunes with the Philips Digital Wireless Headphones. Working wirelessly, the headphones provide the ultimate freedom and mobility for your personal home entertainment experience.


      Sense and Simplicity

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      Premium Sound

      Fitted with acoustically tuned 40mm drivers, the Philips Digital Wireless Headphones output premium sound accompanied by deep, punchy bass lines and crisp highs and lows.


      Extensive Listening

      Designed for long listening sessions, the Philips Digital Wireless Headphones can work wirelessly for up to 20 hours. It also features an auto-adjusting hammock and breathable ear cushions for extensive comfort.


      Total Home Entertainment

      The Philips Digital Wireless Headphones comes with an optical and analog input that fits all types of television. Using the included audio cable, the headphones faithfully reproduce original studio master recording quality from your preferred device.


      Easy Charging

      Use the Philips Wireless Active’s charging dock to top up without the mess caused by bothersome wires and cords. For efficiency, the headphones turn on automatically when placed on your head and turns off when removed.

      *At the end of the free trial period, a paid annual subscription (not included) will be required.


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