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    Beko 9KG Sensor Controlled WiFi Connected Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer with Steam Graphite BDPB904HG



      SKU: BDPB904HG


      This Beko Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer allows for flexibility when it comes to drying your clothes. By merging conventional heater and heat pump technology, it gives you the choice between drying clothing quickly, or drying energy efficiently. Pick a program that suits you, with a range of 14 different preset programs to choose from! Ironing your clothes every day can become a hassle, but with Beko's technology this dryer can take care of that for you. Using the steam function, your casual shirts can come out ready to wear, meanwhile business shirts are easier to iron as they are less creased.

      RapiDry Hybrid Technology
      RapiDry Hybrid Technology
      Beko RapiDry gives you perfect flexibility to dry your clothes. A hybrid type tumble dryer which merges conventional heater and heat pump technology. This lets you choose between drying quickly and drying energy efficiently. Dry 9kg full load 20% faster in Hybrid mode or dry 5kg 27% faster* Choose the program that suits you. * according to test standard AS/NZS 2442.1- Performance of household electrical appliances –Rotary clothes dryers
      Ready to Wear
      Ready to Wear
      Ironing your clothes everyday can be tiring. Beko’s IronFinish dryers take care of the hassle for you. With the help of steam, casual shirts come out ready to wear* and ironing is easier for business shirts as they are less creased. *Ready to wear results from independent testing obtained for casual shirts with 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 100% viscose and 56% cotton/44% polyester blend in the Ready to Wear program. Tested by Third Party Lab
      Hygienic Refresh Program
      Hygienic Refresh Program
      When you wear clothes once, they’re not dirty per se but maybe smell a little bit. You don’t want to fully wash & dry them again, but a quick go-over would freshen up your clothes. Now, your tumble dryer can refresh your clothes, removing odours without doing a full wash. Using high temperature, the dryer refreshes the load so that you can enjoy fully refreshed clothing.
      Wifi Connection with Homewhiz
      Wifi Connection with Homewhiz
      Control and monitor your dryer from your smartphone or tablet via Wifi and the HomeWhiz app. Use smart pairing between your compatible Beko Beyond Washing machine and Dryer. Let the programme wizard choose the best programme for your load, download new programmes to match your specific laundry needs and even set the time when you want your laundry to be finished.
      Other Features
      • Recycled Dry
        Recycled Dry
        For healthy living on a healthy planet
        Whatever we do has a bigger impact on the planet than we may believe. From the food we eat to the cars we drive to dryers we choose to bring into our homes. Beko’s RecycledDry™ Tumble dryers are made with approximately 15% recycled materials, including 2420 tons* of waste plastic bottles. And if you wonder what that means, well, you get the same durability and performance you’d expect while the planet gets a little cleaner and healthier. We think that’s a win-win for both parties. *Parent company production in 2019 & 2020
      • Hygienic Drying
        Hygienic Drying
        Hygienic drying cycle
        The Hygienic Drying Program provides a deep sterilisation of your laundry killing the presence of live house dust mites and pollen. This sterilisation is possible due to the high temperature in this program, offering perfect drying cycles to protect your little one’s clothes and delicate skin.
      • Eco Friendly
        Eco Friendly
        Looking after the environment
        Heat Pump Technology with environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. Beko is very committed to the respect of the environment, the fight against climate change and the protection of nature. R290 refrigerant is better for the environment than standard refrigerants used in other tumble dryers.
      • EcoGentleâ„¢
        Perfect drying, no colour bleeding
        You used to dress up in all colours but your wardrobe has turned pale pastel. What happened? Oh, the tumble dryer happened. Now there is EcoGentleâ„¢ technology, which preserves the colour of clothes thanks to its innovative drying technology. Standard condenser drying works in conjunction with an air conditioning system to treat clothes gentler and make your dryer more energy efficient.
      • Wool Program
        Wool Program
        Special programme for machine-washable woollens
        Air-drying woollens is so last decade. Now there’s Woolmark® Apparel Care which regulates drum movements to dry your machine-washable woollens with the care they deserve. No need to worry about your precious woollens getting shrunk or damaged in the dryer anymore.
      • Reverse Drum Function
        Reverse Drum Function
        Less tangling, more even drying
        Reverse tumbling provides better evenness of drying. This option is recommended for large or long items like bath towels, sheets, doona’s and trousers to reduce the tangling and twisting.
      • Silent Programme
        Silent Programme
        Less noise, more peaceful home
        Running the dryer while the baby's asleep is a lose-lose situation – either the baby's waking up or those clothes aren't getting dry. Or, it used to be so. The Night Mode allows you and your family to get a peaceful night's rest as the dryer runs at a noise just above that of a whisper.

      Technical specifications
      Energy Star Rating 8*
      Drying Technology Hybrid 2.0
      Sensor Drying OptiSense®
      Compressor / Motor Warranty 10 Years
      Height 84.6 cm
      Width 59.8 cm
      Depth 60.5 cm
      Display Type Digital Display
      Time Delay Flexible Time Delay (0 h - 24 h)
      Colour Graphite
      Product Series bPRO 500
      Drying Capacity 9 kg
      Noise Level 63 dBA
      HomeWhiz® Connection Type Wireless
      Download Program 1 Outdoor/Sports (Goretex)
      Download Program 2 Lingerie
      Download Program 3 Towels Program
      Download Program 4 Fashion
      Download Program 5 Refresh
      Number of Programs 14
      Program 1 Cottons
      Program 2 Cottons Eco Dry Program
      Program 3 Synthetics
      Program 4 Hygienic Drying
      Program 5 Hygienic Refresh
      Program 6 Wool Program
      Program 7 Downloaded Program
      Program 8 Timed Programs
      Program 9 Silent Program
      Program 10 Ready to Wear (Shirts)
      Program 11 Bedding & Blanket / Down Wear Program
      Program 12 Jeans Program
      Program 13 Mixed Program
      Program 14 5kg@1hour
      Function 1 Dryness Level
      Function 2 Drum Light
      ProSmartâ„¢ Inverter Motor Yes
      Fusion Filter Yes
      AquaWave® Yes
      Water Tank Location Up
      Drum Light DC LED
      Door Type Transparent -reversible-w cover
      Inner Drum Material Stainless Steel
      Direct Drain Yes
      Annual Energy Consumption 152 kWh
      Voltage 220 - 240 V
      Frequency 50 Hz
      Weight 46.5 kg
      Packaged Height 88.5 cm
      Packaged Width 65 cm
      Packaged Depth 63 cm
      Packaged Weight 47.5 kg
      Countertop Depth (cm) 52.1 cm
      Child Lock Yes
      Child Lock Indicator Yes
      Water Tank Full Indicator Yes
      Filter Cleaning Indicator Yes
      Condenser Cleaning Indicator Yes
      End of Cycle Buzzer Yes


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