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    Euroflex Smooth B2S Active Ironing Board



      SKU: B2S


      Iron like the professionals with the revolutionary Smooth-B2S Active Ironing Board featuring a built-in steam generator, heated ironing surface, pressurised steam to penetrate wrinkles and a blowing and extraction setting to iron every type of fabric from delicate garments to coarse textiles.


      Smooth-B2S is a complete ironing system that revolutionises the concept of domestic ironing. It is compact, lightweight, convenient to use and folds away for quick storage without taking up much space.

      The Smooth-B2S Active Ironing Board makes everyday ironing easier and faster. The innovative design and small dimensions guarantee ease of use and excellent ironing performance in half the time of a conventional ironing. The stainless-steel boiler that produces pressurised steam, along with the professional-style iron and soleplate provide the same tools used by commercial Laundromats and Dry Cleaners in your own home.

      The innovative design of the ironing board provides 3 distinct and unique features:  

      Heating function - the heated aluminium surface eliminates moisture condensation on the board and stops it from rusting. But more importantly the heating system is very important to keep the garments dry during the ironing process. A dry fabric after ironing is a fabric that remains ironed for a longer time. Fabrics left damp from traditional irons get wrinkled quickly soon after the garment is stored away.

      Blowing function - creates an air cushion underneath the garment causing the iron to move easily in a floating like motion.  This function is ideal for delicate fabrics where gentle ironing is needed and for freshening up clothes. By creating a pillow of air, heat from the heating function can be used for garments that are difficult to iron so that the iron need not touch the fabric such as beaded, ruffled or pleated garments.

      Extraction function - helps pull steam through thicker and coarser fabrics (such as jeans and linens) so that only one side of the garment needs to be ironed, saving considerable time and effort. The extraction function also helps to hold the garment in place for comfortable ironing and to channel steam away from the fabric while the garment is being set flat by the iron.  

      Simplicity, design and practicality - everything you need for professional ironing results at home.

      Product Features

      • Easily adjusts to 9 different height settings
      • Detachable boiler for easy cleaning and maintenance
      • Aluminium heated surface to dry out moisture to prevent rusting
      • Extraction setting is used to hold fabrics down and to draw steam through thick fabrics
      • Blowing setting is used to iron on a pillow of air for delicate fabrics
      • Professional style iron with concentrated steam holes to penetrate fabrics and remove wrinkles faster to save time
      • Large heating surface on the iron to dry out the fabric and set it flat
      • Power saving mode feature to reduce energy consumption
      • Stainless-steel boiler to prevent rust, corrosion, calcification
      • Detachable iron and cord for easy storage
      • Soleplate heat indicator
      • Compact and lightweight for easy storage
      • Leg wheels for effortless manoeuvring


      Product Specs

      • Power- 1950W, 220-240v
      • Steam Iron pressure- 3.5 bars
      • Boiler capacity - 800ml
      • Dimensions- 117cm(H) x 50cm(W) x 14cm(D)
      • Weight- 15 kgs


      What is in the box:

      • Smooth-B2S Active Ironing Board
      • Professional iron
      • Washable cotton cover
      • Filling bottle
      • Soleplate protector shoe
      • Cord support
      • Accessory storage bag

      Manufacturer's Warranty

      • 24 Months Manufacturer's Warranty

      Other Information

      • Italian designed and engineered



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