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    Euroflex Vapour M2R Floor Steam Cleaner



      SKU: M2R


      The Vapour-M2R is an upright floor cleaner with its own built-in pressurised steam generator that produces superheated steam to clean floors without using harsh chemical-based detergents.


      Its superheated steam is hot and dry, so that it softens and loosens dirt fast and easy, while the super-absorbent microfibre pad lifts and holds the dirt, without leaving excessive moisture on floors. Steam produced by other methods such as a "drip feed steam mop" is often too wet for water sensitive floors and can result in water marks or streaking on floor finishes.  The Vapour-M2R leaves floors quick to dry with no streaks. Steam is automatically released and its continuous, which results in no-loss of steam heat during use and consistent cleaning results.

      The Vapour-M2R uses NEW Ultra Dry Steam Technology. It includes a hot plate at its base that acts as a HEAT BOOSTER to increase the heat at the bottom of the floor pad to remove dirt and grime faster than ever before. It also helps to dry out accumulating moisture on the pad for a streak free finish every time. The floor pad is made of super-absorbent microfibre which has a special water absorbing insert that also helps to leave a streak free finish on floors. 


      Other advantages

      • Front Steam Jets for cleaning edges where the floor and wall meet or used when extra steam power is needed for stubborn dirt
      • Steam Booster Function to ensure no loss of steam heat to the floor pad while cleaning
      • Six channels of steam distribution to ensure steam heat is evenly delivered across the whole pad for a better clean



      • 2 x microfibre pads with scrubbing inserts to gently scrub floors for a better clean
      • Microfibre pads are washable, reusable, and replaceable
      • Carpet sledge- to refresh carpets and area rugs
      • Automatic on/off- steam on the bottom is released without holding or pushing down buttons
      • Parking Pad- used for resting during idle times
      • Ready in only 3 minutes


      The Vapour-M2R Floor Steam Cleaner is ideal for most sealed smooth hard surface floors such as:

      • Ceramic, Porcelain or Vitrified tiles
      • Marble floors
      • Linoleum / Vinyl
      • Timber floors (sealed)
      • Laminate floors


      Product Specifications

      • Power- 1200W, 220-240V
      • Boiler capacity- 600ml
      • Boiler Pressure- 3.5 bars
      • Boiler- stainless steel construction
      • Heating time- 3 minutes
      • Power cord length- 7 meters
      • Weight- 3.1 kgs
      • Usage before refilling- 20 minutes (approx.)


      What is in the box

      • 1 x Vapour Floor Steam Cleaner
      • 2 x Hard Floor Microfibre Pads with scrubbing insert (washable)
      • 1 x Carpet sledge with microfibre pad (washable)
      • 1x Parking Pad
      • 1 x Filling Cup
      • 1 x Funnel
      • 1 x Instruction Manual
      • 1 x Warranty Certificate
      • 1 x Warranty Registration Card


      Other Information

      • Replacement Accessories:
      • Replacement pack of Microfibre Pads with scrubbing insert (3pk)- product code AC3209711
      • Warranty - 24 Months Manufacturer's Warranty
      • Country of Manufacture - China
      • Italian designed and engineered


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