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    Euroflex Vapour M6S Compact Barrel Steam Cleaner SC6X1



      SKU: M6S


      • Design - it is a multi-purpose, barrel-style steam cleaner which is light weight and compact. It is easy to use and convenient to clean most household surfaces completely chemical free. It includes floor cleaning accessories to wash sealed hard floors without streaking.
      • Boiler Technology - it uses a high-grade stainless-steel boiler to generate superheated dry steam, like commercial steam cleaning equipment. Steam made from a boiler is hotter and drier compared to other methods.
      • Hotter Steam - softens and loosens dirt quickly.
      • Drier Steam - DOES NOT leave excessive wetness, floors dry fast with a streak free finish.


      • Continuous Strong Steam Pressure- its 4.5bars (max) of steam pressure will easily blast dirt out of its hiding place to make cleaning a breeze. Household surfaces or floors cleaned with steam have no chemical residues for the dirt to stick to, so that cleaning chores are effortless. The steam is pressurised so that it has a constant flow, for non-stop cleaning.


      • Long Running Time- It features a generous 1200ml stainless steel boiler which generates steam for about 40 minutes before refilling. Ideal for larger homes and families.


      • Areas of use- Ideal for bathrooms that are prone to mould and mildew or kitchen areas for melting away cooking oils and grease. Windows and mirrors cleaned with steam are left glistening without the usual steaks left behind by glass cleaners. The extension tubes can be easily attached to any of the multiple cleaning accessories to reach high up places or to get into tight areas where cleaning is required.


      • Asthma Sufferers- National Asthma Council approved as a Sensitive Choice product.


      Floor Types

      Ideal for sealed SMOOTH hard floors such as:

      • Ceramic, Porcelain or Vitrified tiles
      • Marble or smooth slate floors
      • Linoleum / Vinyl
      • Timber or Bamboo floors (sealed)
      • Laminate floors

      Do not use on floors with temporary waxes, oils, or polishes

      Not suitable for floors with a rough texture, jagged edges, or anti-slip surface


      Major Benefits

      • Hygienic chemical free cleaning - kills 99.9% bacteria with just tap water
      • Outstanding cleaning performance using superheated dry steam
      • Complete with 9 different cleaning tools for floors and surfaces
      • Clean many areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows, mirrors, pet areas etc
      • Strong steam pressure to blast dirt out of hard-to-reach places


      Product Features

      • Steam ready light
      • On/Off power switch and light
      • Light weight steam gun
      • Steam on/off trigger
      • Floor cleaning accessories
      • Thermostat control with 2 thermostat system
      • Pressure release valve for extra safety


      Product Specs

      • Power- 1450W, 220-240V
      • Boiler Capacity- 1200ml
      • Boiler Pressure- up to 4.5 bars
      • Boiler Construction- Stainless steel
      • Heating Time- 6-7 minutes
      • Power Cord length- 4 meters
      • Usage before refilling- 35-40 minutes (approx.)


      What is in the box:

      1 x steam cleaner with fitted hose and steam gun

      2 x extension tubes

      1 x floor brush with adaptor

      1 x floor brush microfibre pad

      1 x window tool

      1 x small brush with adaptor

      2 x fitted microfibre pads for small brush

      1 x detail nozzle with angled tip

      1 x nylon brush

      1 x stainless brush

      1 x tile grout brush

      1 x scrapper

      1 x shoulder strap

      1 x filling funnel

      1 x accessory bag


      Manufacturer's Warranty

      • 24 Months


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